Friday, October 30, 2015

Hide and Seek

“Come on, darling! Do you wanna play hide and seek?” The woman with big brown eyes asked her daughter, and the little girl answered yes enthusiastically and with a slight lisp.

“Am I gonna hide or you’ll hide?” The woman asked again.

“You hide!” Shouted the little girl.

So the little girl faces the wall, and counted till 10.


The little girl could hear footsteps ticking through the wooden floor.


The footsteps are now barely audible.


There was a click on the door.

“10! Mommy! Am gonna find you!” The little girl’s voice echoed into the empty living room. The little girl ran to the dining room. She crawled under the table hoping to find her mommy hiding there but to her disappointment, she only saw pieces of clutter underneath. As she was heading to the pantry, she heard a car’s engine ignites.  

The little girl went to the window near the entrance door, and there she saw the car, in which her mommy is driving, pulls away from the driveway. The little girl stood by the window, unable to move. She watched the car until it was out of her sight.

That was the last time the little girl saw the woman with big brown eyes.

                                                                                                                    -Katy O.

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