Saturday, November 28, 2015

Dearest Love

Dearest Love,
Sorry for being a spoiled brat bitch who only thinks of her own sake
Believe it or not, I care for you
I care for you so much I can’t think of a way to make you feel it

Dearest Love,
Sorry for being irrational and immature almost all the time
I keep pushing you away but please understand that I never want you to go

Dearest Love,
Please have a little more patience
Forgive my stubbornness
Don’t let go of my hands

Dearest Love,
Wrap me around your fingers, clip my wings
I don’t mind losing my freedom
All I want is to feel your warmth
Keeping my body from the severe coldness outside

Dearest Love,
I love you
I love you so much but words couldn’t come out of my mouth
I tried very hard to tell you but I am afraid of what might happen next

Dearest Love,
Perhaps our chapter needs to end here

Dearest Love,
Until we meet again.

                                                                                               - Katy O.

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